The Lake Sentinel, Saturday, March 11, 2000

Listen for Inca Spirit Band' s

music of the Andes at Festival

The bandŐs mix is world fusion, blending Central American, jazz and flamenco.

By: Sara Sheckler


LEESBURG- Carlos L. Aguirre hopes visitors to the 23rd annual Leesburg Art Festival this weekend get into the spirit of his band's music.

Aguirre's Inca spirit Band plays music of the Andes and Latin America.

"The music we play is for many types of people," he said. Inca Spirit will have plenty of people to play for this weekend. About 20,000 visitors are expected to attend the festival at Leesburg Venetian Gardens.

Festival hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and Sunday. More than 200 artists will display their work.

Inca Spirit band and harpist Barbara Ashbury will perform throughout the festival. Aguirre defined his Miami band's brand of world fusion as mixing styles of music from around the world, while concentrating on music from Central America and South America, Native Americans, jazz and flamenco.

All of the musicians, except his son, 16-year-old Antonio Aguirre, who plays lead guitar and synthesizer, are natives of Peru.

Carlos Aguirre said most of the band members have been interested in music from the Andes since they were young. He plays the cajon, and African-Peruvian instrument, as well as wind instruments, drums and gourds, whistles and wind chimes.

Augurio Quiroz plays electro-acustic guitar and the charango, a tiny guitar. Juan Trukupei also plays the charango, along with wind instruments and percusion.

Carlos Ochoa plays the lead guitar and wind instruments, Victor Requielme plays the bombo, a type of ancient drum percusion.

Antonio is also in a band called Static, which recently won first place at IndiFest inn FortLauderdale.

Carlos Aguirre, an art professor a t the University of Miami at Coral Gables, learned to play the bamboo Quena flute at age 7 while living in the mountains of Arequipa, Peru. He moved from Peru to Manhattan 25 years ago to attend art school and then began playing music in New York City.

Members of the band have more than 30 years combined experience playing with other bands in New York, Colorado, California, France, Peru and Miami. This is the second time the band has played at the Leesburg Art Festival.

The band's first compact disc Nasca Lines Prophecy, debuted in 1999. A year later, their second compact disc, Amazonas, will be soon completed.


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